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So I decided to start posting my DDO builds here, as an easy way to keep track of them. This first build is a Human Warchanter, which while not ideal for old players with tons of gear, is a solid way to start a high DPS melee bard that has some soloing punch while being fantastic in groups.

Human, True Neutral 18 bard/2 fighter (optional: 15 bard/2 fighter/3 rogue, not much in the way of skills but gains you sneak attack and evasion, costs you 6th level spells and potential Tier 3 Prestige Enhancements)

Strength: 16 — all level up points into strength.
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 10

32pt Option: 17/15/15/9/8/10, +2 dex tome for ITWF/GTWF, +1 int tome as soon as possible (level 1 pre-patch, level 3 post-patch).

Skills: Balance, Concentration, Haggle, Jump, Perform, Use Magic Device, Jump 3, Tumble 1,  at first level.

On your fighter levels, cap your jump skill, on your bard levels spike your UMD/Perform back up to cap, and then raise the rest. On bard levels, skill priority is:
UMD/Perform > Haggle/Concentration > Balance/Jump

Your starting Charisma means you’ll need an enhancement, item, or tome to cast level 1 spells. The first cha enhancement is available at level 2, which puts you up to 11 cha for casting.

By level 5 you’ll need 12 charisma. 8 = 13, 11 = 14, 15 = 15, 18 = 16, the maximum Charisma you need. Basically just using items can keep you at this level, but with enhancement(s) to help out, you won’t have to keep the best item equipped.

A final caveat is that you’ll need a +1 dex tome for Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Greater Two-Weapon Fighting. There isn’t really a great way around this, getting to 17 dex costs 3 build points which you can’t afford to spare. But this isn’t a concern until level 9, and you can either try and buy one yourself, buy one from the Turbine Store (with money or if you subscribe your free 500 points/month).

1: TWF
1h: Toughness
3: Weapon Focus: Slash
6(f): Power Attack
6: Extend
9: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (17 dex needed)
12(f): Improved Critical: Slash
12: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Khopesh, switch your focus to finding or crafting good khopeshes here
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
18: Empower Healing


1. Focusing Chant, Expeditious Retreat, Free, Free
2. Blur,  Rage,  Cure Moderate, Invis
3. Haste,  Displacement, Good Hope, Cure Serious
4. Dimension Door, Freedom, Cure Critical, Break Enhancement
5. Greater Heroism, Mass Cure Light, Free
6. Mass Cure Moderate, Free

They’re in order you should take them in mostly.

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17 comments on “DDO Build – Human Warchanter

  1. So what do you take for Enhancements with this build?

    • I don’t really have a full plan on-hand, enhancements are pretty fluid and either are really easy to figure out the “best” or are more personal preference. In this case aim to have the pre-reqs for Warchanter 1 by bard 6, with 4 Ap saved up so you can take it right away. Otherwise focus on maximizing your songs and some SP. Scroll mastery and life magic are a plus.

      • Thanks for responding Aaron. I’m using this build and loving it. One more question, though. Why not grab Oversized TWF? Is the bonus just not necessary?

        • Early on, you usually don’t really want to dual wield since the AC benefit of a shield is so much better, and the attack loss hurts so much. Though with the change to animations in 9.1 (i.e. the last patch) this may be less true. Regardless, by the time you hit the teens, and especially end-game, you really don’t need the extra hit. Though you may need/want to use Divine Power clickies to help keep your attack up.

  2. i wanna try this but dont have cash for tomes……

    • You don’t need the dex tome until level 9. It’s entirely possible to get the cash or TP together for a +1 dex tome by then. They’re not that expensive anymore.

      • what goes first fighter or bard? lvls….

        • Fighter levels are at 6 and 12.

  3. really? i dont?

  4. and what weapons are you using the first few lvls?

    • Until you get 9, you’re actually better off using two-handed weapons for the most part. Extra attack, and without at least ITWF you’re not really doing particularly more damage.

      Having said that, it’s still totally viable to dual wield, or even sword and board (extra AC means you can more easily solo things). I’d dual wield scimitars or a scimitar and a kukri/shortsword early on.

  5. I like this build so far. I am doing Heavy Mace/Shield but I feel it is a little redundant because I use Skaldic Rage. Anyway, which feat is at the 6th level with 1st level Fighter. You show Power Attack and Extend? Extend Spell you mean?

    • The Fighter level 1 feat is Power Attack. The level 6 feat is Extend Spell yeah. This build is really old, but should still hold up okay. Khopesh is of questionable value anymore given the lack of good named weapons unless you’re crafting all of your weapons. Just using the best named weapons you can get your hand on, focusing on Slash likely, will keep you solid.

      • Thanks. I am kinda doing an RP build. So still for first life Bard, you recommend me multi class as Fighter?

      • I think I will end up going with Bastard sword for glancing blows.

        • Yeah that’s not a bad way to go. Though then you need the Two-Handed fighting feats instead of the Two-Weapon fighting feats. And/or the Single Weapon fighting feats. THF will give more glancing blows and you can use a shield (be wary of Arcane Spell Failure). SWF will give you more DPS but no shield unless you go Swashbuckler and Buckler.

          Which then kind of makes it a totally different build and you’ll likely have to reroll. At least you’re not super high level yet. I’d check the official bard forums for a more updated build that relies on these great new features. This build here would still work, but is more of an archival thing at this point.

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