Elven Melee Favored Soul

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A melee based favored soul, designed for group healing while putting out solid melee DPS. Only offensive casting will be blade barrier for mass killing, with melee to mop up evasion mobs.

Elf, Lawful Good, 18 Favored Soul/2 Monk

Str: 17 — All levels up here
Dex: 16 (+1 dex tome needed for ITWF/GTWF)
Con: 12
Int: 11 (+1 int tome for extra skills)
Wis: 8
Cha: 12

28pt Option: 16/16/11/11/8/12, +1 dex for ITWF/GTWF, +1 int as soon as you can.

Concentration, Use Magic Device for 28pt/new player, taking 1 tumble and some balance/jump with monk levels.

For 32pt/+1 int tome builds:

Level 1 Monk: Balance 4, Concentration 3, UMD 4, Jump 4, Tumble 1
Levels 2-9 Favored Soul: Balance 1, Jump 1, UMD 1
Level 10 Monk: Balance 4, UMD 1
Levels 9-20 Favored Soul: Balance 2, UMD 1

Note this version of the build lacks concentration, requiring you to cast spells out of combat (or timed well) or rely on Quicken to get them off.

1: Two-Weapon Fighting
1m: Toughness
3: Extend
6: Quicken
9: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (need +1 dex tome before leveling up, unless you want to take a placeholder and respec)
10m: Power Attack
12: Improved Crit: Slash (possibly swap to Empower here after Mineral 2s)
15: Maximize
18: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

First Level
1. Cure Light Wounds -> Free
2. Nightshield
3. Divine Favor
4. Shield of Faith (or whatever)

Second Level
1. Resist Energy
2. Cure Moderate Wounds
3. Aid
4. Free

Third Level
1. Cure Serious Wounds
2. Prayer
3. Searing Light
4. Protection From Energy -> Free

Fourth Level
1. Divine Power
2. Freedom of Movement.
3. Recitation
4. Death Ward -> Neutralize Poison (or leave as is)

Fifth Level
1. Mass Cure Light
2. True Seeing
3. Break Enchantment
4. Free

Sixth Level
1. Heal
2. Blade Barrier
3. Mass Cure Moderate

Seventh Level
1. Mass Protection from Elements
2. Mass Spell Resistance
3. Resurrection

Eighth Level
1. Mass Deathward
2. Holy Aura

Ninth Level
1. Mass Heal

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9 comments on “Elven Melee Favored Soul

  1. how do u even unleash balde barrier well with low wisdom score? considering DC = base + wis mod + mod.

    • DC doesn’t matter that much. They still take half damage on a failed save, and if you kite them along the edges they’ll be hit pretty much constantly, and the damage adds up against large packs. Your BB isn’t as good as a wis based build, but it’s only good on large pulls anyways.

  2. Wow, okay, um. I don’t even know what to say to this. First, Extend is about the worst spell feat you can get, at higher levels, and at the lower levels, it’s more efficent to cast the buffs twice than once with extend. Second, Why do you bother taking so much in the balence skill? it’s worthless. trade that for concentration, which helps both the monk and favored soul. Throw in a bit of jump, and throw OUT quickness, which is also a useless feat, if you have consentration, which just wastes SP. Also, with one of the two useless feats you have, take empower spell. It actually is usefull, and becomes even more efficent with the favored soul bonuses of efficent empower. (not empower heal, like cleric, but empower.) Up untill about lvl 9, this build is useless, and after that it will not keep up with melee builds in DPS, or be able to heal NEARLY as well as a dedicated favored soul 20. Also, you’ll be too busy in melee combat to heal anybody. ON top of that, while clerics get the cure and heal spells for free, favored souls do not. So, that’ll be the first spell you want to take. Also, most of the spells you’re taking could be switched greatly. And mass heal is one of the MOST USEFULL spells. even if it has a long cooldown, you gather the party, and it replenishes everyone’s hp to the max. Just about as good as a free rest shrine, without the sp gain for the casters. It saves parties, in between fights, though.

    • Mass heal without quicken is garbage. You will not heal your group or raid fast enough.

      • Which is one of the slight changes to this build since Update 4 fixed Mass Heal, I’ve since swapped it in.

        Concentration is nice enough, but not a huge deal. Balance is great for getting up quick and being immune to Titan knockdown, but is far less of a big deal since they made it so that CC cannot be reapplied while it’s already on you.

  3. This has to be a joke post, right?

    I mean there’s no way this is serious is there?

    • Just to be clear I meant to respond to Child of the Light’s post. Literally every single point is laughable. I was going to do a point by point rundown but I was just too lazy since it would be every single thing he says.

  4. I am also trying to build an elf melee favored soul. I also came up w/ 18 fvs/2 monk. My first question is about the low wisdom, not because of bb as per Child of the Light’s post, but because of the wisdom bonus to AC that you get for being a monk. Considering that, why not take 2 fighter levels instead? You still get the extra feats and you don’t care about wisdom at all. My second question is about the low charisma (in question form: Why is it so low?). I agree that this is not a casting build, so charisma is not a priority, but: “To learn and cast a spell, a Favored Soul must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell level.” (- ddowiki) What I don’t know is if this number is taken from your total cha, or base + inherent (i.e. if equipment/enhancements factors in).

    • Monk = evasion, fighter doesn’t provide this. It’s also +3 to all saves (+2 at level 1, +1 at level 2). Latter is hardly a big deal, but it’s a nice little bonus. If you’re not getting evasion, it’s really not worth giving up the 10 DR Capstone and extra 9th level spells you gain by staying pure.

      Spellcasting (in PnP as well) lets you use items/tomes/enhancements to cast with. You could even go lower if you wanted, but 12 + 2 tome + 2 enhancement = 16, enough to cast Heal even with Disjunction on you. You won’t be able to cast Mass Heal without a +4 tome and +3 enhancement (or +5/+2, but no +5s yet), but that’s not a big deal in today’s game.

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