Warforged Sorcerer

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Basic 32-point warforged sorcerer build. Focusing on damage spells more than insta-kill due to Warforged innate lower charisma. Fantastic self-healing, good DPS, solid  saves and high hp.

Warforged Sorcerer, True Neutral

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 16

28-point version: 10/8/16/12/6/16

Skills: Concentration, Use Magic Device, Balance (1 balance, 1 tumble first level)


1: Empower
3: Quicken
6: Extend
9: Maximize
12: Toughess/Heighten/Force of Personality/Spell Penetration
15: Same as above
18: Same as above


Niacs, Jump, Magic Missile, Shield->Nightshield

Scorching Ray, Resist Energy, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Blur, can swap one of those for Knock too

Haste, Displacement, Fireball, Rage

Wall of Fire, Solid Fog, Dimension Door, Fireshield

Ball Lightning, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold, Protection From Elements

Reconstruction, Disintegration, Acid Fog

Finger of Death, Otto’s Sphere of Dancing

Polar Ray

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6 comments on “Warforged Sorcerer

  1. Thanks for the build, only thing I see missing is enchantments.

    Have an addition to toss in to help?

    • Not overly. Like I said on the Warchanter build, it’s pretty easy to figure out enhancements. Fire/Cold is likely a better focus than Acid/Elec (especially pre-endgame). And in Dreaming Dark supposedly Firewall is back, so it’s well worth maxing that out, if you have some free points to dip into Acid/Elec at least for +% damage, it’s useful though.

  2. Cool, thanks again.

  3. What about the repair spell? is that one not chosen till later on? Or should the first level spell be added as well?

    • If you’re making this as your first character, you can swap in the repair spells as needed, but otherwise you can just use wands until Reconstruction really. Which is what I did.

  4. Eh, I dunno. With the 18 Con wands might work, but swapping weapon slots takes a bit, and if you’ve got your (+ to whatever spells) item on, you might be in a tough spot swapping back and forth to wands :/ I would suggest keeping a repair on at each level you can get it. When you get the next one, drop the last one and fill that slot. If you have any soloing hopes, that’d be the plan there. I haven’t even made a WF sorc yet but am planning to soon and have been researching. I think, if decently funded, it’s gonna be a blast 😛

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