Completionist Life #1 – Fighter

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This build isn’t really recommended for use at level 20, as you’re missing out on Kensai 3 for relatively minor benefits at 20. Having full UMD, extra monk saves, extra monk feats, evasion, handwrap capability,  is all significantly better than being able to get Kensai 3 on your last level when you’re TRing right away.

Warforged, Lawful Good, 17 Fighter/2 monk/1 rogue, 34 point

Str: 16 — All levels up here
Dex: 16 (+1 Dex tome needed for ITWF/GTWF)
Con: 16
Int: 11 (+1 Int tome for extra skills)
Wis: 6
Cha: 11 (+1 Cha tome for extra intimidate/UMD)

1: Max: Balance, Bluff, Haggle, Intimidate, Jump, Open Lock, Use Magic Device. 3 points in Spot, 1 point in Tumble.
2-20: 1 Use Magic Device, 1 Intimidate

1: Two-Weapon Fighting
2M: Toughness
3: Over-sized Two-Weapon Fighting
3M: Power Attack
4F: Weapon Focus: Slashing
5F: Stunning Blow
6: Skill Focus: Use Magic Device
7F: Weapon Specialization: Slashing
9: Skill Focus: Intimidate
9F: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
11f: Improved Critical: Slashing
12: Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing
13F: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
15: Bullheaded
15F: Greater Weapon Specialization: Slashing
17F: Quick Draw
18: Toughness
19F: Superior Weapon Focus: Slashing

Equipment at level 13
Head: Minos Legens
Trinket: Bloodstone/Kaelth’s Touch/Voice of the Master
Armor: Docent of Defiance/Blademark’s Docent
Neck: +6 Con
Cloak: Concordant Opposition (Wiz6/+1 Cha skills, Poison & Fear Immunity, 100 Elemental SP/+3 Cha skills)
Belt: +6 Str
Ring1: +4 Resistance
Ring2: +6 Cha/Tumbleweed
Gloves: Spectral Gloves/Bramble-casters
Boots: Air Guard (45 hp/6 Dex skills)
Bracers: Nightforge (Improved False Life)
Goggles: Tharnes with +1 Resistance Ritual
Weapon1: Lightning 2 Greensteel (Holy/Shocking Burst/+4 Insight AC/Lightning Blast)
Weapon2: Mineral 1 Greensteel (Holy/Acid Burst/2x 150 point Stoneskin Clicky)

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