Completionist Life #2 – Wizard

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A melee focused wizard build, that grabs Pale Master 2 for the new perma lich form in Update 7, with it’s negative energy healing via Death Aura, and the extra temporary HP along with the extra fort and con, it should be an interesting mix to try. And you always have the option of toggling off lich form for content that requires a lot of reconstructing.

Warforged, Lawful Good, 16 Wizard/2 Monk/2 Fighter, 36 point

Str: 16 — All levels up here
Dex: 16 (+1 Dex tome needed for ITWF/GTWF)
Con: 16
Int: 15 (+1 Int tome for extra skills)
Wis: 7
Cha: 7

1:  Max Concentration, Intimidate, and UMD. 1 Tumble/Balance.
2-12: Max Concentration/Intimidate/UMD.
13-14: +3 balance, max Concentration/UMD.
15-20: Max Concentration/Intimidate/UMD.

1: Toughness (Swap to Spell Focus Necro just BEFORE taking level 13, only requires a plain Siberys Dragonshard then)
1W: Extend Spell
2F: Two-Weapon Fighting
3: Student of the Sword
6W: Maximize
6: Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting
9W: Empower Spell
11W: Quicken Spell
12: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
13M: Toughness (Swap first Toughness for Spell Focus Necro)
14M: Power Attack
15: Improved Critical: Slashing
18W: Mental Toughness
18: Greater Spell Focus Necro (If they ever make this a Wizard bonus feat, get Toughness here and swap MT for this)
20F: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

Enhancements at Level 18
Haste Boost 1
Improved Empower 1
Improved Maximize 2
Way of the Patient Tortoise 1
Racial Toughness 3
Fire/Cold Crit Chance 3
Fire/Cold Crit Multi 3
Fire/Cold Damage 4
Repair/Force Damage 4
Energy of the Scholar 2
Wizard Int 2
Fighter Toughness 1
Warforged Con 1
Healers Friend 1
Inscribed Armor 1
Shroud of the Lich
Pale Master 2

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