Completionist Life #3 – Rogue

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Pretty standard Assassin TWF rogue with cleave.

Human, True Neutral, 18 Rogue/2 Fighter, 36 point

Str: 18 — All levels up here
Dex: 15 (+2 Dex tome needed for ITWF/GTWF)
Con: 14
Int: 14 (+2 Int tome for extra skills)
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

1:  Max Balance, Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable, Hide, Jump (3), Move Silent, Open Lock, Search, Spot, Use Magic Device. 1 Tumble.
2: +3 Intimidate, +2 Jump
3: +1 Balance, +3 Intimidate
4+: Max Search = Disable = UMD > Spot > Open Lock = Balance = Move/Hide > Rest, don’t really need more jump at this point.

1H: Toughness
1: Power Attack
2F: Two-Weapon Fighting
3F: Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting
3: Past Life: Student of the Sword
6: Cleave
9: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
12R: Opportunist
12: Improved Critical: Slash
15R: Crippling Strike / Improved Evasion
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
18R: Crippling Strike / Improved Evasion
18: Great Cleave

1: Screaming of Bleeding rapier (Accuracy Medium Guild Augment), Greater (Superior ideal but significantly harder to obtain) Stability Mithril Chainmail, Invulnerability Heavy Shield, Ring of Feathers, Anger Necklace/Boots.

2: Screaming of Bleeding Scimitar (Corrosion guild augment)

3: Craft: +3 Str gloves, +3 wisdom helmet, +3 con ring, +3 natural armor bracers, moderate fort belt (HP guild augment), +2 attack goggles

4: Greater Bold Trinket

5: Craft: +4 str gloves, +4 attack goggles if possible, 15% Striding Boots, +10 Spot Necklace (Spot Augment), +10 Disable Gloves (Disable Augment), +10 Search Goggles (Search Augment), +10 Open Lock Goggles, Improved False Life Ring. Mantle of the Worldshaper. Only wear the boots/necklace if you feel comfortable with your attack (great if you have the +4 goggles), otherwise wear them at 7.

7: Turn weapons into +3, Helmet and Ring into +5 (and gloves if it would help). Add Lifeshield to Chainmail.

9: Turn any stat items into +6 if it’ll help, Planar Girds of course

11: Greensteel Cloak (CO, fear/poison immunity and SP), Voice of the Master, Greensteel Boots (triple air hp), Minos Legens, Pouch of Jerky clicky

12: Greensteel Lightning 2 Scimitars

13: Spectral Gloves / Bramble-Casters , Tharnes Goggles, could use the Lion-Headed Belt Buckle but can also go with Levik’s Bracers and a balance belt or something. Or Glacial Bracers and +6 str belt if you don’t have access to Levik’s. Can throw Disease Immunity on the belt too.

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