Completionist Life #8 – Cleric

Divine Disciple Cleric build.

Level 18/2 Cleric/Monk, Human, Lawful Neutral

Str: 10
Dex: 8
Con: 14
Int: 14
Wis: 18 – Level ups here
Cha: 14

+3 tomes to con/wis, +4 to int, +5 to dex/str/cha.

Skills: Concentration, Heal, Spellcraft, Jump, UMD, 1 Tumble

1: Maximize Spell, (H) Empower Spell, (C) Follower of the Sovereign Host
3: Empower Healing Spell
6: Quicken, (C) Unyielding Sovereignty
9: Past Life: Arcane Initiate
12: Heighten Spell
15: Spell Focus: Necro
18: Greater Spell Focus: Necro
19(M): Lightning Reflexes
20(M): Dodge
21: Epic Spell Focus: Necro
24: Spell Focus: Evocation
26: Guardian Angel
27: Blinding Speed or Epic Reflexes or Epic Damage Reduction
28: Elusive Target

Light Side Divine Discipline light SLAs up to Holy Smite
Then go for Radiant Servant until you get Positive Energy Aura

Leveling Gear
1: Invulnerability Plate Armor, Light Fortification Ring of Featherfalling, Resist Cloak, Detect Secret Doors Goggles, Spear Bane Bracers, Anger Boots, +15 Spot/Listen Ioun Stone, Ring (Master’s Gift)

3: +3 Strength Gloves, +3 Charisma Helm, +3 Constitution Necklace, +3 Protection Ring, +3 Natural Armor Bracers, Moderate Fortification Belt,  +1 Invulnerability Elven Chainmail, +3 Dexterity Boots, False Life Ring

5: +4 Stat Items (Boots = dex, gloves = str, ring = wis, necklace = con), Lesser False Life Ring (Master’s Gift), +10 Skill Items (Swap items like Diplomacy and Bluff for Party Crashers), Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone, Invulnerability Battle Half-Plate, +9 Spellcraft Helm, Cloak of +4 Resist

7: +5 Stat Items, Heavy Fort Belt, False Life Ring (Master’s Gift)

9:  Planar Girds, +6 stat items, Improved False Life Ring (Master’s Gift)

11:  Torc, Minos Legens, CO Cloak, Air Boots, Bramble-Casters, Lion-Headed Belt Buckle, False Life Ring of Persuasion (Master’s Gift), +6 Charisma ring

12: Greensteel Mineral 1 Scimitars (Stoneskin clickies)

13: Tharne’s Goggles, Gauntlets of Immortality (swap back to Bramble’s next level maybe)

14: Skiver, Bijio

18: Bauble

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