Completionist Life #9 – Sorcerer

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Bladeforged Henshin Sorcerer

Level 8/6/6 Sorcerer/Monk/Paladin Bladeforged, Lawful Good

Str: 16 – Level ups here
Dex: 10
Con: 16
Int: 14
Wis: 6
Cha: 16

+3 tomes to con/wis, +4 to int, +5 to dex/str/cha.

Skills: Concentration, Repair, Use Magic Device, Spellcraft > Balance, Spot > Rest (1 tumble on a monk level)

Leveling Order: 1 paladin, 6 monk, 1 paladin, 8 sorcerer, 4 paladin

1: Two-Handed Fighting
2(M): Power Attack
3: Cleave, (M) Lightning Reflexes
4(M): Path of Harmonious Balance
6: Great Cleave
7(M): Toughness
9: Extend Spell
12: Improved Critical: Bludgeon
15: Master of Forms
18: Quicken
21: Overwhelming Critical
24: Improved Two-Handed Fighting(?)
26: Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
27: Epic Damage Reduction(?)
28: Elusive Target

1: Detect Secret Doors, Protection from Evil, Jump, Expeditious Retreat
2: Blur, Knock, Resist Energy
3: Haste, Displacement
4: Dimension Door

Enhancements (may not be fully accurate)
Bladeforged: Improved Fortification, Mechanist 2,  Communion of Scribing
Henshin Mystic: Up to Sounding Staff, Staff Specialization, Way of the Patient Tortoise, Fists of Iron, Contemplation, Lightning the Candle, Every Light Casts a Shadow
Eldritch Knight: Spellsword Acid & Fire, Improved Mage Armor, Item Defense 1, Martial Training, Improved Shield, Arcane Barrier 1
Ninja Spy: Sneak Attack Training 2, Agility 2, Acrobatic 2, Shadow Veil
Sacred Defender: Remainder here focusing on PRR.

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