Completionist Life #10 – Barbarian

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We’re cheating here and going with a Fire Sorcerer Angel and a +20 heart.

Level 16/2/2 Sorcerer/Favored Soul/Paladin Bladeforged, Lawful Good

Str: 8
Dex: 6
Con: 20
Int: 12
Wis: 6
Cha: 18 – Level ups here

+3 tome to wis, +4 to int, +5 to dex/str/cha/con.

Skills: Concentration, Use Magic Device, Spellcraft > Repair, 1 tumble at some point. Can also do a little diplo during paladin/favored soul levels.

Leveling Order: 2 paladin, 2 favored soul, 16 sorcerer

1: Toughness
3: Maximize Spell
6: Empower Spell
9: Quicken Spell
12: Mental Toughness
15: Extend Spell
18: Improved Mental Toughness
21: Epic Toughness
24: Epic Mental Toughness
26: Epic Spell Power Fire
27: Ruin or Epic Fortitude (Reflexes maybe)
28: Elusive Target or Hellball or Spell Power Sonic

1: Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Jump, Expeditious Retreat
2: Scorching Ray, Blur, Invisbility, Resist Energy
3: Chain Missiles, Haste, Displacement, Rage
4: Dimension Door, Enervation, Fire Shield, Force Missiles
5: Eledar’s Electric Surge, Niac’s Biting Cold, Protection From Elements, Teleport
6: Disintegration, Greater Heroism, Reconstruct
7: Delayed Blast Fireball, Prismatic Spray
8: Otto’s Irresistible Dance

Enhancements (may not be fully accurate)
Bladeforged: Improved Fortification, Mechanist 3
Eldritch Knight: Spellsword Fire, Improved Mage Armor, Item Defense 1, Toughness 3, Improved Shield, Arcane Barrier 3
Fire Savant: Immolation, Spell Critical IV, Fanning the Flames 3, Efficient Maximize 3, Efficient Empower 3, Heat Death, Awaken Fire, Power of Force
Angel of Vengeance: Font of Power, Just Reward 3, Smiting 2
Warpriest: Smite Foe, Toughness 3, Awareness 1, Wall of Steel 3
Air Savant: Air Savant core 1

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