Completionist Life #12 – Ranger

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Purple Dragon Knight 18 Ranger/1 Fighter/1 Rogue. Two-Weapon Fighting, Heavy Armor, Intelligence based.

Level 18/1/1 Ranger/Fighter/Rogue Purple Dragon Knight, True Neutral

Str: 8
Dex: 8
Con: 17
Int: 18  – Level ups here
Wis: 14
Cha: 9

+4 to wis/int, +5 to dex/str/cha/con used.

Skills: Maxed Concentration, Heal, Spot, Disable Device, Search, Open Lock, Use Magic Device, 1 Tumble. Rest can go into whatever, Spellcraft or hide/move silent maybe.

Leveling Order: 1 Fighter, 1 Rogue, 18 Ranger

1: Insightful Reflexes
1H: Toughness
1F: Point Blank Shot
3: Soldier of the Faith
3R: Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider
6: Quicken Spell
7R: Favored Enemy: Giant
9: Improved Critical: Slashing
12: Empower Healing Spell
12R: Favored Enemy: Undead
15: Improved Critical: Ranged
17R: Favored Enemy: Human
18: Two-Weapon Defense
21: Power Attack
24: Overwhelming Critical
26: Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting
27: Epic Damage Reduction or Saves
28: Elusive Target

Purple Dragon Knight: Damage Boost
Tempest: Core 5, Whirling Blades 4, Improved Defense 1, Haste Boost 3, Bleed Them Out 3, Critical Accuracy 3, Critical Damage 3, The Growing Storm 3, A Thousand Cuts 3, Dance of Death 3
Deepwood Stalker: Core 3, Stealthy 3, Increased Empathy 2
Harper: Core 3, Harper Enchantment, Strategic combat II, Int, Know the Angles, Versatile Adept 6-9 ranks depending on what else you wanna get outside of this tree. Important things are Strategic Combat for int -> hit/damage, and Know the Angles for even more int damage.

Thanks CThruTheEgo for the inspiration!

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