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Basic Setup Complete

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I haven’t done anything with this domain name I’ve had for a long time, so IĀ  decided to go ahead and setup a blog for myself and two friends. This way we’ve all got a place we can post random thoughts to in a more coherent and permanent manner.

Pretty happy with this theme so far, it’s clean and provides easy access to all of the major functions, but I’ll have to run it by the other authors.

It was surprisingly easy to get everything setup, which I’m glad for. Installing new themes, installing wordpress itself, and modifying the options were all very straightforward. I may know programming, at least to a degree, but website design is certainly not my forte. Glad to see things have gotten extremely user friendly in the last… oh decade or so. Not like it’s a surprise, lots of people of varying skill levels run websites these days and ease of use is a great way to sell a product.

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